Phosphate bonded investment materials
Die-stone and plaster
Dental alloys
Separating disc. and blasting sand
Ceramic furnaces
Casting powder
Industrial furnace
Special Ceramics
Luoyang Beiyuan Special Ceramics a high-tech company specializing in manufacturing various kinds of ceramic crucibles,graphite crucibles,casting powders,investment and other auxiliaries used for melting of jewelry,dental alloy and precious alloy ,Owing a strong technical team,unique product design and world level quality,as well as flexible selection,our products have been well sold both domestic and aboard.
In addition,our company makes muffle furnaces,industrial furnaces and furnace lining materials as well as special refractory products.We also engage in the research and development of new refractory products.
To meet customers requirement is our pursuit, to guarantee products quality is our life work and to provide best service is our promise.
Welcome customers both domestic and overseas to cooperate with us,to be aware and accept our products.Wish our products to bring you a good profit.
Crucibles for melting glassCrucibles for melting glazeCrucibles for melting glazeCrucibles for melting glassCraphite CruciblesModelsModelsGANG-YA investment materialsKAO-CI investment materialsZHI-JIA investment materialsGold Inverstment CompoundDie-stone and plasterSeparating discCruciblesCruciblesCruciblesCrucibles for Casting PlatinumClay bonded quartzMagnesiaZirconiaCrucibles for Casting PlatinumCrucibles for Casting PlatinumCrucibles for Casting PlatinumCrucibles for Casting GoldCrucibles for Casting PlatinumPlatinum Inverstment CompoundsSilicon nitride bonded silicon carbide rotorCrucibles for Casting Platinum
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